A Fábrica


A Fábrica

The Book


The book “A Fábrica” is an edition about the industry of yesterday and today, about a territory that has always been the industrial backbone of Portugal (the North and Via Norte where Lionesa Business Hub, SuperBock Group, Sonae and Efacec are based, among many other industries) and on the equipment (airport, port, hospitals, colleges) and life habits (knowledge, culture, heritage, leisure, beach, surf, nightlife) that combine this industry with this territory in a balance that builds a quality of life that we do not abdicate.


A work of art that joins the testimony and work of important names in the Portuguese cultural scene.


"A Fábrica" goes from the narrative of the building that Lionesa Business Hub is based to extend to the entire northern territory, standing out as a work that promotes a destination and its industry, showing signs of confidence, hope, belief in a promising future, after the crisis.


It is because it is more than a book, but a concept, a way of being, that "A Fábrica" was conceived to involve the community, the region, and the country. And it is from here that the idea begins to materialize and The Factory of the Future is born. Certain that this story has just begun...



The Song


Lionesa Business Hub challenged the singer Rui Reininho to write a song that represents the importance of industry in the development of the territory and the economy.


"Rota da Sede" rises as a hymn to the northern industry and a message of encouragement to the country's post-pandemic recovery.

The Future of the Territory


Having just completed 20 years of history, Lionesa Group is preparing for the next challenge. Always with the territory in mind, Lionesa expands, the projects evolve, and the dream grows. And the city grows with it.


Thus begins the next 20 years of transformation of the territory!