A movement that belongs to all of those who see in art a magnifying glass on the territory, a stethoscope on the other, a stereoscope on an entire community









Arts made plastic, arts seen visual, arts felt other.
All of them.
Art that impacts the city center.
With the visible that, after all, is not. With the invisible that, thus, ceases to be.
Art that leaves culture.
Art with a magnifying glass effect over the territory.
Art that expands the territory.
Which brings together and absorbs those who visit it.
Art that exhibits the essence and character of a community, which after all are several.
Art from the center of the world. Because it is the center of Porto.
A center of cultures, of lives, of arts.
Art in the street.
Alive with memories, told in so many ways, inscribed in so many languages, lived in so many latitudes.
Art that starts here and ends in you.
Art for Art.



Lugar Cativo

Rua do Cativo, a gaze over the city.


Lugar Cativo is a set of portraits that gaze at the city and the viewer, a two-way observation between the character represented and his audience, and vice versa, in a dialog tailored to each person. These 40 or so artworks are reproductions placed on the façades of buildings. 

The selection of artworks that will be on display at Rua do Cativo over the next few months for those who pass through the street to enjoy, finds in Cativo a space dedicated to cultural democracy. This is a joint initiative between Lionesa Group, Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis and SIGN - Wide Format Printing.

"Un-bricking" in action

Rua do Loureiro, the center of the World, the center of Porto.


Which will once again become a center of cultures, lives, arts. Like “Eufémia”, by Italo Calvino, more than a city of exchanges, this Rua do Loureiro will be a living city of memories, of all our memories, told in so many ways, inscribed in so many languages, lived in so many latitudes.

From March to July 2023, changing face each month, this door, this wall, this street is kilometer zero of a movement that, by walling up a door, "un-bricks" the City, "un-bricks" the Artist, "un-bricks" Art.



A dialogue with the materials and their temporality, where objects previously destined for obsolescence are recovered and again returned to the community through art.


A fictional story, told through art, based in facts that may or may not have occurred in a street as famous and full of secrets as Rua do Loureiro.


A paradox between what we are seeing and the difficulty of our brain to process the information. An interactive work that uses the material and the location to capture the attention of those passing by on the street.


The "echo" of Rua do Loureiro that plays with the question of "un-bricking", with the door that will open or close according to the perspective of the people who go up or down the street.


The meeting of several cultures through a flower that carries India in its name, is originally from Mexico, and can be found in many different places around the world, including the streets of Porto.