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Lionesa Group brings “Transformation” to Rua do Loureiro, inaugurating a public art program in partnership with FBAUP.  

Work “Transformation” will be inaugurated on March 3, at 5:30 pm


After investing in buildings on the historic Rua do Loureiro, in Porto, which were temporarily walled up due to sanitary security and municipal guidelines, Lionesa Group begins the intervention to rehabilitate the buildings on Rua do Loureiro, opening the street to the city through the Arte pela Arte movement, in partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP).

At stake is an initiative that seeks to restore the identity and accent of this artery, bringing five interventions to Loureiro, once a month, until July, by Visual Arts students.


“Transformation” is the name of the first artistic intervention that will be born, already this month, in Rua do Loureiro, and which intends to think about the way in which spaces are changing. By Rafael Alves, an artist who recently graduated in Painting from the Porto teaching institution, the work, which will bring together materials collected on the street, painting and graffiti, will represent “a dialogue with the materials and with their temporality, where objects previously doomed to obsolescence are recovered and returned to the community through art”.

This movement, which aims to encourage the use of art as an engine of regeneration, invites everyone to give art what is most unique about it: its name. Posting a photo of Loureiro, of another forgotten street, of any abandoned factory or even of something that for those who see it is less than it could be, with the hashtag #OTeuNomePelaArte and thus joining the movement.


“Whoever looks at this core of Porto's history today does not always realize the immense value it has. Rua do Loureiro, located in the medieval center, is classified as a UNESCO heritage and one of the oldest arteries of the city, being today the most invisible visible street. It is exactly this oblivion that is finally intended, opening the street to everyone through art. While we consolidate and build the requalification project, we open and transform the walling and the street into a place for exchanging ideas, cultures and memories.”, says Francisca Pedro Pinto, Director of Brand and Business Development at Lionesa Group.

“The project will allow a complex thought about the role of artistic education, artistic creation, and culture as an intervention agent, enabling, above all, a transdisciplinary dialogue with the territory and its actors. For FBAUP students it is an opportunity to think about their active role, at the same time as they are faced with the direct impact that this initiative will involve: the impact on the physical and immaterial place, with the complexity of the community, with the political manifest or apolitical, with the visibility and above all the invisibility that has always characterized the area of ​​Rua do Loureiro, over the centuries of its existence”, emphasizes Domingos Loureiro, director of the degree in Plastic Arts and coordinator of the Ground LAB 2021/24 project.

The media are invited to be present at the inauguration of the “Transformation” work, in Rua do Loureiro, at 5.30 pm.



2nd of march 

09:30-12:30 - Start of the work "Transformation"

3rd of march 

09:30 – Continuation of the work
17:30 – Inauguration of the work “Transformation”

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