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Real and Imaginary Stories, in a new artistic intervention by FBAUP, opens Friday, April 28, at 5:30pm


In April, Lionesa Group will continue its most recent commitment to the rehabilitation of Rua do Loureiro through art - "Movimento Arte pela Arte" - with the inauguration of the second artistic intervention, in the mythical and charismatic Rua do Loureiro. "Who Tells a Point, Adds a Tale", is the name of the work, which crosses real stories of this Porto arterial street with others that may be part of the local mystique, and that can be seen starting this Friday, April 28th. The project was conceived by students Ana Cardoso, Ana Leça, Ana Margarida Silva, Antónia Spengler, Clara Ginoulhac, Filipa Moreno, and Mariana Maia Rocha, under the guidance of Domingos Loureiro, Director of the Fine Arts degree at Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto.


"In the proposal that is presented, we focus on the hypothetical formulation of a local myth, related to the area of Rua do Loureiro and the former Monastery, dismantled to give rise to São Bento Station. The goal is to bring into focus the condition of fact and myth, where both collaborate in the definition of attention and mediatism. In the case of Rua do Loureiro, among the many stories it hides and reveals, there will certainly be some that are more factual than others, but, at the same time, there will also be some that, being factual, seem like fiction", emphasize the future artists about the intervention.

Aiming to show how each citizen's perception can be "enhanced and deceived", the intervention "He who tells a Point, adds a Tale" will focus on three main spaces. The first, "Plásticos São Bento", depicts the installation of a scenario with a wrapped tomb where small details of a human figure are identified - the effigy of São Bento. This symbol, in the form of a full-body lying statue, depicts the figure of Saint Benedict, lying in a funeral position, his hands juxtaposed in prayer form, with his right index finger severed.

At the number 48 of Rua do Loureiro, it will be possible, in turn, to contemplate a painting made on the old grating of a goldsmith's shop, with the phrase that gives the project its name, thus stimulating curiosity and intrigue about the error in the writing of the saying. However, the text is intentional and reveals clues about how everything that happens can be fictional.

In the last space, visitors are confronted with an illusion of reality, played out through two colors, pink and green, projected onto a plate. "Seen in one direction, the pink stands out, and in the opposite direction, the green overlaps. When looked at from the front, the complementarity of the two colors produces a very disconcerting optical effect, since our eyes cannot stabilize their focus, creating a reaction of discomfort and fascination," explain the seven students from the Painting course.

It is important to mention that this is the second of five interventions that Lionesa Group will inaugurate in Rua do Loureiro until next July.

Through this artistic movement, the Group invites the life of the city not to abandon this forgotten street, promoting the meeting and sharing, not only of residents and locals but of all visitors, while preparing the conditions for its rehabilitation as the central artery in the heart of Porto.

"We started the requalification and gave life to the movement Art for Art, which is basically an invitation to see art as a magnifying glass over the territory and also as a regeneration engine. It is an invitation to everyone who knows an area that is also falling into oblivion, such as Rua do Loureiro, to stop this oblivion by taking a picture and posting it on social networks with the hashtag #artepelaarte and thus alert the community to a problem," explains Francisca Pedro Pinto, Director of Brand and Business Development at Lionesa Group.

Instragam Filter of Art for Art Movement

Recall that Rua do Loureiro, located in a UNESCO-classified medieval area, is one of the oldest arteries of the city, having been forgotten for several years in the urban regeneration of the city. The panorama is about to change, thanks to the unleashed movement, which will give life to the artery, once crucial in the development of Porto's commerce, even before the start of the requalification works of the buildings acquired by Lionesa Group.