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On the 18th of November, between 5:30pm and 7:00pm, in the Central Corridor of Lionesa Business Hub, a clarification session will be held on Community Funds - RRP and PT2030, organized by GRACE – Responsible Companies, in partnership with with Lionesa Group and the Municipality of Matosinhos.

The opening of this clarification session will be in charge of Pedro Pinto, CEO of Lionesa Group, and Margarida Couto, President of Grace - Responsible Companies, representing VdA, who will highlight the role of the Association in promoting initiatives to support companies in their challenges as main players in the implementation of sustainability policies and corporate social responsibility.

The Secretary of State for Planning – Eduardo Pinheiro, the Mayor of Matosinhos – Luísa Salgueiro and the CEO of Lipor – Fernando Leite were invited to discuss the importance of community funds in the community.

Regional development at an economic level has been one of the challenges that the European Union has been struggling with for a long time, and therefore, it has also been one of its highest financial priorities. Since community funds are the tool used to help regions with more difficulties and comparative asymmetries to achieve the development and growth of their economy, it is urgent to reflect on the impact that these had in the past on communities and what is expected from the new RRP (Recovery and Resilience Plan), particularly for the business fabric of Northern Portugal, which will certainly mobilize around this unique opportunity.

Sessão Fundos Comunitários