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Throughout the entire month of July, Lionesa Business Hub has transformed into an authentic paradise of colors, flavors, and Latin dances! The Month of  American Culture, with a special emphasis on vibrant Latin America, has enchanted the community in an unforgettable way.

Delights from Brazil Conquer Hearts with Brigadeiria do Porto's Showcooking!
The heart of the Hub has been won over by the most beloved and flavorful Brazilian delicacies, thanks to the irresistible show cooking by Brigadeiria do Porto. The sweet and passionate aromas filled the air while the brigadeiros conquered the taste buds of all present. An authentic gastronomic journey that allowed the community to savor the delights of Brazilian culture.

Porto com Salsa Teaches the Most Incredible Latin Dances!
The contagious rhythm of Latin dances has taken over Lionesa Business Hub with Porto com Salsa. Merengue, salsa, bachata - the hot and sensual steps invited the community to dance and have fun without limits! Everyone had the opportunity to learn and feel the captivating energy of Latin America through the most passionate dances in the world.

Summer Cocktails with a Latin Touch!
The most refreshing and flavorful cocktails came to life with the tropical essence of Latin America. Mojitos, margaritas, and caipirinhas were prepared by talented mixologists, transporting the community to an atmosphere of celebration and joy. The exotic flavors and lively Latin music were the perfect combination to brighten up the lunch hour!

The Month of Latin American Culture at Lionesa Business Hub was much more than a simple cultural celebration; it was an opportunity for the community to come together on a journey of learning and sharing, highlighting the importance of embracing the cultural riches that surround us. After all, it is diversity that makes us unique and special!


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