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September 29, from 11:00 am, in the auditorium of the Monastery of Leça do Balio

LIONESA GROUP introduces itself, on the 29th of September, as a family run group with a positioning centered on happiness and will then make known the graphic image that translates it, designed by the multi-awarded designer Eduardo Aires. In addition to the celebration of the “North for Talent”, with the Happiness Camp, the biggest European event focused on Happiness in a professional context, one highlight is the start of Caminho da Arte, heading to Galicia, with the visit to the first work of the Path, a brand new sculpture by Siza Vieira that will be unveiled here for the first time. On a day dedicated to “North for Happiness”, the group that owns assets from the brands Balio, Lionesa Business Hub, Livraria Lello, and Loureiro, will make known the strategy for the coming years in the various areas of activity in which it adds Happiness, Talent, Culture, Heritage and Art to the North where, for two decades now, it has added undeniable value.

With a strong investment in art and culture, which intends to transform Porto and the North of Portugal, making it a happier territory to live at, Lionesa Group presents itself, for the first time, as a group, and will make known the image and strategy for Lionesa Business Hub and Balio group brands.

Everything happens on September 29, the day that also marks the start of a project by  Lionesa - Associação de Arte, Cultura e Turismo, “Caminho da Arte”, which connects Porto to Santiago de Compostela. The first work on the Route and the one that will be visited is the Temple by the Architect Siza Vieira - a space for introspection, which promotes a personal encounter and seeks to give visibility to the importance that the Monastery of Leça do Balio had in the Portuguese paths, towards Santiago.

In addition to these presentations, there is also the “Happiness Camp”, which will put national and international personalities talking about “happiness at work” and the installation “North for Culture”, in a partnership between Livraria Lello, Delta and Control, which, through vending machines that contain literary classics published by Livraria Lello, coffee and water from Delta and condoms from Control, intends to draw attention to the emergence of books and culture, along with other essential goods. Under the theme “satisfying your cravings 24/7”, this campaign, which starts on the day Lionesa Group presents itself, will later spread to other parts of Porto and the North of Portugal.

For Lionesa Group, it is “crucial to combine entrepreneurship with art and culture, to focus on attracting foreign investment and also cultural agents”. “Only in this way can we continue to grow in a sustained manner and import talent – the great engine of the economy in the North”, emphasizes Pedro Pinto, CEO of the Lionesa Group.


10h00 Happiness Camp
Start of the Happiness Camp at Lionesa Business Hub, with more than 10 national and international speakers gathered to talk about “happiness at work”
11h00 Lionesa Group and new projects presentation
Lionesa Group presentation

Caminho da Arte and Lionesa - Associação de Arte, Cultura e Turismo presentation; Guided Tours to the first art work of Caminho da Arte

21h30 Pedro Abrunhosa concert in Balio
Free concert by Pedro Abrunhosa & Comité Caviar with the special participation of Sara Correia in the Garden of the Monastery of Leça do Balio, within the scope of the closure of the project "Património em Rede".
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