Press Releases



The book will be presented today at Casa da Imprensa, in Lisbon, at the same time as the opening of the exhibition “Insurrection of the Warsaw Ghetto”.

The book and the exhibition are a joint initiative of Coletivo Insurretos, composed by João Soares, Jorge Silva, José Manuel Saraiva and Manuela Rego – the same group of people (except for João Paulo Cotrim, now deceased) who organized the “Fortnight Jean Moulin”, also at Casa da Imprensa, in September/October 2021.

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was a desperate act of resistance against the German occupation. It took place in 1943 when more than 300,000 of the 380,000 people living in the ghetto had already been taken to be executed in Treblinka, one of the German death camps. Some young ghetto inhabitants knew what awaited them and many of them preferred to die fighting. The uprising began on April 19, 1943. On May 7 of that year, the Germans entered the ghetto and surrounded the bunker – at number 18 Mila Street – where the leaders of the revolt were. These, feeling cornered, committed suicide.

In addition to the launch of the book and the exhibition that will run until May 19, there will also be a series of films at the ideal cinema, between April 21 and 23.