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This is not a farewell letter to those who have been fired. This is, rather, a welcome letter to those who were expelled.

It's a letter to Robin Wheeler, fired from Twitter for not wanting to fire more talent. And it's a letter to all the talent Twitter fired over emails that seemed more like tweets.

Even to the talent that Twitter spat out, threw away, and now desperately tries to recruit again.

To everyone and everyone that Elon Musk made want to emigrate; those who caused their work visas to expire and thus forced them to go into exile; to all of you, if they reject you, we embrace you.

We embrace your talent, your knowledge, your quality of life and we embrace your sanity.

We do not doubt your ability to make this world a better world, the people, happier; and the territories, more innovative places.

If Silicon Valley and San Francisco can no longer be your home, if the United States no longer wants to be your country, Via Norte and Lionesa Group will find your destiny.

While they do not receive an official invitation from Portugal or Porto - where fewer and fewer people are born - they already receive, via the only national newspaper based in this city, this very official invitation from Lionesa Group.

Now google (or tweet) Lionesa Group, Porto, Portugal. Have you seen? Can you imagine? You get it, don't you?

You can already see how from a factory of the old industrial revolution with people like you, we created the most dynamic house of industry 5.0.

How here, talents like yours complete the virtuous circle of creation every day: they think about new things, they are authors, they build personalized solutions, they make the consumer a co-author.

People who, in Portugal, Porto and Matosinhos, at Livraria Lello and at Lionesa Business Hub, can tell you how, here, our Mondays are lived as Fridays were lived there on Twitter. Or the end of any extra night out or work weekend.

For us, Mondays are the time for freedom, pleasure, meeting with ourselves and with others who, completely different from us, understand us like no one else.

Come and see how, in Portugal, we are less and less a low-wage country to be more and more a source of talent.

As we were once a country of emigrants, we are now a country of immigrants with unique talents.

As here we always understand that there is no merit in planning if it does not include improvisation, the famous cabotage navigation, with the coast in sight, in which the Portuguese celebrated half a millennium ago.

An improvisation that does not prevent knowledge, rather summons it.

Let us remember how, after the coast-to-sight, the Portuguese knew how to use the compass like never before, adopting the quadrant to look for the North and inventing the astrolabe so that we can see above the clouds and thus know better where we are going.

Here, at Lionesa Group, in Matosinhos, Porto, in the North of Portugal and in the Northwest Peninsula, we have been masters, for 20 years now, in planning the destination, in laying out avenues there and accommodating unforeseen intersections and traffic.

Because there are always unforeseen events.

We believe in planning not to be fulfilled, but to be overcome. Because, if the planning outlines the objectives, the flexibility allows to overcome them.

Let's think about how important it is to plan to reach a destination, but how even more important it is to navigate in sight to move forward. And moving forward also means stopping to think. Think to do more and do better.

Now that Mr. Musk has forced you to stop, let's think together then. And let's plan our future together. Because planning is just that. It is to emancipate what exists. And Lionesa Group welcomes you as emancipated talents that we will never despise.

And now, so you can really understand us, in 280 characters: "With your talent and the value we recognize in it, we are the perfect cocktail for, with the right planning and improvisation, to make the North of Portugal what it still isn't but which, with you, it will certainly be: the happiest place in the world to work. And live."

See you soon, at your home: Lionesa Group, Porto, Portugal.

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