Press Releases


On the next 3rd, 10th and 17th of June, at 5 pm, Livraria Lello leaves to Rua das Carmelitas, loaded with books and writers, to celebrate the month of the city. After the huge success of the first edition in 2020, Livraria Mais Bonita do Mundo takes up the initiative, bringing lyrics and books to the streets, in a contribution to the democratization of culture.

Under the epithet "A seat and a book in Porto", the event is based on a performative conversation with a guest author, who will be accompanied by musicians and a collective of reciters. Valter Hugo Mãe, Bruno Paixão, Aurelino Costa and João Rasteiro are the authors who will accompany us during all these celebrations.

The fact that this cycle of events takes place on the street, in a pedestrian artery in Porto, makes it possible to bring the city closer to literature and to a heterogeneous group of authors, also providing a meeting with readers, aspiring writers, visitors to cultural events and even passers-by.

The public will have the opportunity to intervene, ask questions, discuss ideas and exchange experiences with the author on stage.
Livraria Lello thus leaves the challenge for all readers and lovers of books, arts and the city in general to pass through Rua das Carmelitas on the first three Saturdays of June, from 5pm, to attend the conversations, ask questions or even even read excerpts from the guest authors' work.