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Until the end of 2022, Lionesa Business Hub will promote two solidary campaigns in support of GASPORTO, a NGDO - Non-Governmental Organization for Development, with headquarters in the city of Porto.

GASPORTO promotes social integration, training and empowerment of people and the involvement of society in human development, acting in a multidisciplinary way in areas such as support and socialcultural dynamization, health and education. In Portugal, GASPORTO develops 6 projects in the city of Porto, and in Mozambique it promotes 3 programmes of cooperation for development.

The first campaign will take place during the Magusto celebrations offered to Lionesa community. The campaign is called "A Postcard, a Meal" and promotes the opportunity to give a greater purpose to the Christmas Greetings messages. The sale of Christmas cards goes entirely to the Pfuka U Famba Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre, located in the village of Macia, Mozambique, which supports malnourished babies. Each postcard has an associated cost of 1.50€, which allows the purchase of one meal.

The campaign will take place in Lionesa BH central corridor, on November 10th, between 12 noon and 2pm, with the slogan "We are together, one baby at a time".

The second campaign will take place at the Lionesa BH Christmas Party in December. The value associated to each reusable cup will revert to GASPORTO, to help the acquisition of essential goods for the nutrition of babies in Macia, Mozambique.

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