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Crafting a Happier Working World
As a beacon of innovation and diversity, Lionesa Business Hub proudly represented Portugal's vibrant business ecosystem at the prestigious WebSummit 2023. Our delegation's journey was fueled by a singular mission: to build a happier working world for our community of over 7000 individuals from 47 different nationalities. The insights gained are not just transformative; they are a roadmap to our future.


Gen Z: The Future of the Workplace
A highlight of our WebSummit experience was the masterclass by Colorintech, focusing on the next generation of leaders, Gen Z. Their perspective on the corporate world was illuminating. Contrary to the popular narrative of a digital-only future, Gen Z underscored the importance of office-based work. They see physical spaces as crucial for embedding into corporate culture, networking, and career progression. This revelation is pivotal for Lionesa as we evolve our campus to meet these new expectations, ensuring that our spaces foster both innovation and human connection.


Empowering Women in Every Career Stage
Another significant focus at WebSummit was the empowerment of women across different career stages. This aligns seamlessly with Lionesa's commitment to diversity and inclusion. As we step into the next year, our goal is to implement strategies and create environments that not only support but elevate women in their professional journeys, making gender equality not just an aspiration but a reality at our hub.


AI and Mental Wellbeing: A New Frontier
The potential of AI in enhancing employee wellbeing was another key area of exploration. Our upcoming collaboration in 2024 with a major mental health app to create VR experiences is set to revolutionize how we approach mental health and wellbeing. This initiative is more than an adoption of technology; it's about integrating cutting-edge solutions to promote a healthier, more balanced work life for our community.


Looking Ahead: Implementing Learnings
The insights and connections from WebSummit are not just for contemplation but for action. We're excited to integrate these learnings into the fabric of Lionesa Business Hub. From redesigning our spaces to cater to the needs of Gen Z, enhancing support systems for women, to pioneering in the use of AI for wellbeing, we're setting a new standard for what a business hub can and should be.
As we reflect on our time at WebSummit 2023, we're filled with a sense of purpose and anticipation. The future is bright at Lionesa Business Hub, and we're just getting started. Together, we're not just building a campus; we're cultivating a community where every member, every idea, and every innovation drives us towards a happier, more inclusive working world.


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