Beyond any end, Lionesa Group believes in celebrating life through culture and in the expansion that culture operates on who we are, and how we are.

So, culture is, in the group's vision: open, inclusive, and democratic.

It is with this premise that the group supports projects and activities that differentiate and enrich the territory, adding identity to it, rebuilding memory by adapting it to the present.

A recognized decisive factor for the well-being and consequent happiness of the population, the group directs North to Happiness, supporting the transformation and cultural democracy.




Através do mecenato do Lionesa Group à nova exposição do museu, nasceu uma parceria para democratizar o acesso à cultura. O Museu está a reinventar-se para chegar a novos públicos e o Grupo não podia deixar de apoiar esta iniciativa do primeiro museu público de arte do país, que será agora devolvido à comunidade.

A colaboração prevê ainda a abertura do programa do museu, concedendo entrada gratuita a todos os Lioneses e trazendo exposições ao Lionesa Business Hub, aliando, assim, o empreendedorismos à arte e à cultura. O Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis é será, então, responsável pela curadoria da programação museológica do Lionesa Business Hub a arrancar em 2023.

“As novas visões acerca dos museus obrigaram-nos a novas reflexões, a procurar novas perspetivas para o Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis. Era necessário encontrar a narrativa para esta nova exposição, sem perder a perspetiva que somos um museu de arte, provavelmente com a coleção mais importante de arte portuguesa do século XIX.”

António Ponte
Diretor do Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis
"SIZA" a Gallery original documentary


The connections between the architect Siza Vieira and Lionesa Group have been evolving from dreams and sketches to real life patrimony over the past years. The documentary "SIZA" celebrates this relationship through images and testimonials about one of his most recent works, the Temple, at Balio.

As sponsor of the documentary about the Pritzker's life and career, produced by the streaming platform Gallery, Lionesa Group celebrates the life and career of the Portuguese architect that redefined modern architecture. “SIZA” is an immersion into the mind of Pritzker winner Álvaro Siza Vieira that grants us full entry into his mind and heart.


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"The Temple is a project full of soul. When I entered the space, I felt Siza present in every detail. As a man and artist. His art was expressed there right in front of my eyes. An art path that allows us to feel, think and explore many feelings. That capable of uniting us to the environment intimacy, And it was there that I decided to bring the Temple to the documentary."

Augusto Custodio
Director of the "SIZA" documentary


Whether by godliness, as Cardinal Dom Tolentino de Mendonça, commissioner of the Vatican Pavilion, likes to refer to it, or just by chance, the fates between Lionesa Group and the Vatican crossed paths during the presentation of the "Caminho da Arte" project involving architect Siza Vieira. It was the latter two that dictated the decision of Lionesa Group to become the main Sponsor of the Vatican Pavilion at the 2023 Architecture Biennale by embracing the exhibition under the theme "Social Friendship: Encounter in the Garden".  

The exhibition will feature 10 sculptures, audited by architect Siza Vieira, which will be displayed in the buildings of the Benedictine Monastery and the gardens of the Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore. At the end of the event, 5 of these pieces will be donated to the Caminho da Arte project and will be exhibited for the first time at Balio in 2024.

"Caminho da Arte is the way of beauty and spirituality to Santiago."

D. Tolentino de Mendonça
Prefect of the Dicastery for Culture and Education



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Balio: Monastery, Garden and Temple is an ambitious project for cultural training in the territory, based on the spirituality that the millenary history of the Monastery of Leça do Balio conveys and that it is now transformed in symbols of the XXI century through contemporary art. 


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Caminho da Arte, a project promoted by Livraria Lello Foundation, has as its mission to connect Porto to Santiago de Compostela through contemporary art, and thus create the longest and most visited art stage in the world, with more than 260km.


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Europe’s largest corporate happiness conference, providing a full-day experience centered on fostering joy and well-being in the workplace. This year’s edition will be focused on “Arts on Prescription”, showcasing arts as a preventive tool, for companies to invest in, regarding employee’s mental well-being.


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